Annique Consultant

annique_consultantAnnique Rooibos Product’s Business Opportunity

Discover how to turn proudly South African Health & Beauty products women and men love into extra income.

Annique provides the means of creating a personal vision and a challenge to anyone who wants to earn an income, supplement their existing income, work part-time or start a flourishing business of their own. You can start your own business, without start up fees, at any time with a globally respected health and beauty brand.


How to become an Annique consultant?

  1. Download the Annique Consultant Registration Form (PDF)
  2. Download the order form (PDF) and complete your 1st order including only one item of selected products on the order form.
  3. E-mail registration form, copy of ID document and order form to [email protected] or complete the simple form below.

annique_consultant02What is in it for the prospective Consultant?

  • When you register as a consultant you need to buy your first time kit. When buying this kit, you get 50% discount on all price list products.
  • The minimum kit you need to order is R1000 (You pay R500) and the maximum is R4000 (You pay R2000). Please note your first time kit doesn’t include any specials and are only limited to one of each product.
  • You get 25% discount on all Annique Products and Specials.
  • You receive Monthly Specials and Consultant Newsletters to keep you up to date with all Annique information.
  • You receive an Annique Folder with all the Product information, success guide and marketing tools to help you start your business for free with your initial kit order.
  • You will receive step-by-step assistance to help grow your business and make money.
  • You will be part of the Annique World, so you will be invited to all our wonderful meetings and events.

Can I make money?

  • You receive 50% on your first purchase at Annique to start your business.
  • You receive 25% on all Specials and Price List products, every time you purchase.
  • You can receive up to 47% discount on Annique Products, if you decide to build your business and tell others about the business opportunity.

What does it cost?

  • Registration with Annique is FREE!
  • You purchase your first Annique “Kit” at 50% discount (this includes the products on the Product Price List and NOT Specials).
  • You receive 25% discount on all products (including Specials in the Beauté- Our Monthly Product Specials Catalogue).
  • You pay an administration fee of R15 per invoice.
  • There is also a courier fee if you buy for less than R1500, otherwise delivery to your doorstep is absolutely FREE!

Easy ways to sell Annique Rooibos products

  • On the go: Hand out the monthly Annique Beaute wherever you go. It is packed with special offers, new products and lots of support for your business. Start building your business immediately – offering the business opportunity to anybody, always, anytime, anywhere Annique
  • Sell one on one: I, with the help of Annique, will teach you how to use our products to achieve the best anti-ageing results for skin, body and mind. We will empower you to share all your valuable knowledge with friends and family. They will love that you bring the store to them and they can experience the products on a personal basis.
  • Be visible:Wear your annique badge at all times. Paint a meurol or put up an Annique board outside the premises where you sell annique.
  • Show interest in your clients:Make a note of what each client buys and inform the client when that specific product is on special or if there is some other product which can assist their specific treatment like acne or pigmentation problems being treated
  • TestersIf you want to sell make-up have colour testers so that the client can buy the correct colour for her skin tone. Have perfume testers so that people can smell the perfumes on their skin before buying it.
  • Popular products:Have an excel spreadsheet for sales and make sure that you evaluate your sales and that products that sell regularly are always in stock so that when clients come to buy the more popular product they can gain instant gratification and do not have to wait but can buy their product immediately.
  • Delivery service:Always offer to deliver orders at home
  • Pamper Party:It is a fun and personal way to sell. Encourage your friends to invite other friends to join you for an Annique Pamper Party. This is not only a great way to sell the products and have some fun with friends – it could also be done as a special treat for a birthday or Mothers Day or even a Kitchen Tea . This option also works wonders at office parks – and can be done in as little time as 15 minutes!
  • Slimming Club:You as a consultant can start a slimming Club in your area where you weigh, measure and motivate clients to lose weight using the Annique lifestyle approach and their lifestyle shakes, teas and forever slim products.