Host A Pamper Party

What iJessicas-Wellness-Studio-spa-Annique-product-range-displays a Pamper Party?

FUN FUN FUN >>> A pamper party is a selected group of people who get together to be introduced to and gain knowledge of Annique Rooibos products by smelling, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, AND YOU GET A FREE SKIN ANALYSIS

The INTIMACY with the products at a Pamper Party offers ANYONE the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the difference in their skin after the use of the amazing Annique products, and to ASK experienced consultants those QUESTIONS about skin care that you always wanted to ask.  You, as a hostess, can invite your friends and by asking me to do the Pamper Party at your venue, YOU WILL GET 10% of the products sold at YOUR PAMPER party + a hostess gift.   Browse our online store for a sneak preview of Annique’s product range


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