Baby Hippity Hop Rooibos Kids Soap Bar 2 x 65g


Let your kids imaginations run wild as they enjoy splashing around in the bath tub with this fun bunny glycerine soap bar which will keep their skin safe and hydrated. Ideal for all skin types.

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An Easter Treat for your Tots

Hunting for treats has always been part of Easter tradition. This year you can add something extra special to the treasure that will not only delight your little ones, but also last longer than the five seconds Easter chocolates take to go from yummy to tummy.

Hippity Hop Rooibos Kids Soap Bar lets your child’s imagination run wild! Watch them enjoy splashing around in the bathtub with their very own soap bunnies. Gentle ingredients like glycerine will keep their skin hydrated and Rooibos extract adds powerful antioxidants to keep your little one’s skin safe. This fun soap is also ideal for all skin types.

Hippity Hop Rooibos Kids Soap Bar 2 x 65g

Give the Hippity Hop Rooibos Kids Soap Bars instead of Easter eggs. You get two soap bars, so the kids won’t be fighting over who gets to play with it first