Forever Young Q10 Therapy 30ml


Revive skin cells’ energy which results in refined skin texture and healthy glow

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  • hyaluronic acid forms an essential part of the connective tissue between cells and it protects the skin against loss of moisture and prevents harmful components from entering the skin
  • evening primrose oil retains skin moisture, rejuvenates, re-energises cell metabolism and restores skin elasticity
  • Vitamin E removes free radicals because of the antioxidant qualities
  • Lipogard is the most important, it provides the essential ingredient coenzyme Q10 forming the essential link in the skin cells’ energy chain
  • Energy helps skin metabolism go into fast-forward mode to restructure collagen fibres, restore blood circulation and distribute bio-available nutrients


  • Spread a small amount over palms and press onto whole face, eyelids, neck (front and back) and breast area.
  • Press remaining product on the top of the hands.

INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, energy and Rooibos extract, lipogard and glycosome