Forever Young Youth Boost 30ml


A booster treatment with Meta-Resveratrol, an active ingredient specifically focused on micro-ageing.

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  • improves skin hydration levels thus restoring vitality and glow
  • increases cellular longevity by targeting inflammation, one of the main causes of ageing
  • promotes synthesis of Type 4 collagen
  • helps promote natural skin healing
  • reduces the appearance of ageing by lifting, firming and restoring skin’s vitality and glow

HOW TO USE IT: Put a small amount in the hand palm, rub warm between the hands and press onto whole face and neck area.

INGREDIENTS:  Meta-Resveratrol, Rooibos extract

Meta-Resveratroll: Bio-actives and Resveratrol, known for its antioxidant benefits, are metabolised to form Meta-Resveratrol, which unlocks the ultimate anti-ageing benefits. The anti-ageing benefits and results of this new superior active ingredient far exceed the application of these two components separately.