SA Guide Dogs

As a visually and hearing impaired person, Jessica not only runs a salon in Roodepoort, sells Annique and Rooibos products online, she is also involved in raising funds for SAGA (South African Guide Dogs Association). 

Read more about Jessica here. 

From time to time, Jessica hosts events to raise funds for the association, so keep up to date with her events by following us on Facebook:

Unless one is visually impaired it is almost impossible to fully appreciate what it is like to live in a world of constant darkness. But most of us can imagine what it might be like.

GDA’s commitment to a guide dog extends throughout its lifetime.

It begins with the breeding and moves through into the training. The total process, depending on the breed, can last for as long as 2 to 2½ years before the dog is ready to move on to its new owner.

Most people have little idea how much further this commitment extends. After the Immediate Aftercare owners are visited on an annual basis to ensure that all is still well.

Not all owners are financially in a position to cover all their new friend’s vet bills. In which case GDA also accepts the responsibility to pay these bills … for the entire life of the dog if necessary.