Study shows drinking Rooibos protects the liver

Exciting new research indicates that consuming Rooibos helps protect the liver against damage and can reverse some of the damage already present in the organ.

A recent study at the Oxidative Stress Research Centre of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) has proven the ability of Rooibos to improve liver function and protect the liver against oxidative damage.

The study shows that access to Rooibos helps to protect liver against structural, enzymatic and biochemical damage, and could even reverse some of the damage already present in the liver. The findings of the study have been published in the journal ‘Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’.

“These findings provide biological evidence that Rooibos can protect the liver and that it has potential to be used as a supporting treatment for liver disorders. Liver diseases and drug-induced liver injuries are a leading cause of death around the world, and synthetic drugs used to treat liver disorders often cause further damage to the liver,” says Dr Wale Ajuwon, researcher at CPUT, who led the investigation as part of his doctoral study.

He says that it is so exciting to present this evidence that Rooibos can be used as a liver protector and an adjuvant therapy for the treatment and management of liver disorders. “I encourage friends and family to drink at least six cups of Rooibos every day because it contains a plethora of polyphenolic antioxidants that have been shown scientifically to have beneficial effects,” he says.